Here at the Woodlands Health Centre, I offer acupuncture and other elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as moxibustion and cupping in a relaxed environment.

Traditional Chinese medicine dates back thousands of years in Asia and has proven itself to be very effective at dealing with many conditions. Chi (or Qi) sometimes translated as energy or Life Force, travels around our bodies in a channel system nourishing, rejuvenating and cleansing our body.  Through injury, emotional distress, lifestyle choices or simply the daily stresses of modern life, the flow of Chi through our body can be compromised or disturbed. This can result in disease or pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and in particular acupuncture improves or cures many of these conditions. Acute conditions will usually resolve quite quickly whereas chronic conditions take longer to effect an improvement. I practice Tung Acupuncture which is a form of acupuncture based on both the experience of Master Tung and his forbears and the Nei Jing and Yi Jing, two of Chinas ancient classic texts. It is a particularly effective form of acupuncture that gives results quite quickly.

I always recommend my patients to get a thorough check up from their doctor if they are in any way worried about their health. Acupuncture can still be effective in the treatment programme for any illness or condition. Pre and post surgical acupuncture also assist with recovery from and healing after any procedure.

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