I went to visit Kathleen as an accupuncture sceptic, and a nervous patient at the end of 2007.  I had fertility problems, and had tried many treatments over 9 years.  I was also suffering from work related stress which didn't help.  A friend recommended Kathleen so I decided it was worth a try.  I felt the benefits immediately. After my first visit I was sleeping better & suffering from less stress.  I decided it was something I would stick with as long as it made me feel good.  We then focused on my fertility issues in preparation for an IVF date in late March......but I never made it to that IVF appointment as I was pregnant naturally by February!  I continued with accupuncture throughout the pregnancy and had a fantastic 9 months and wonderful healthy baby.  A year later I returned to Kathleen for a few "booster" visits, and I am expecting my second baby in October '09.  I'm very happy that my friend convinced me to give it a try!  - Michelle



“I am a Type 1 Diabetic and had the condition for over 26 years when I first started attending Kathleen Dowd for treatment over 10 months ago. At that time my health was seriously compromised and I was suffering from recurrent Cellulitis, neuropathy, swollen ankles, bad circulation and stomach problems. My energy levels were also extremely low.  Kathleen began an intensive course of acupuncture with me with 2 – 3 sessions per week – concentrating on my feet and legs and using specific diabetic points to improve circulation and energy levels.

My circulation began to improve within a month, my ankles were no longer swollen and the feeling began to return to my feet and toes – after enduring these symptoms for years I was amazed at the changes. Most impressively, however, my cellulites did not return – both myself and my family were astounded. Up until that point I had had at least 15 – 20 manifestations of the condition in my right leg. My large right toe would regularly swell up and the infection would shoot up my leg and cause extreme pain within hours Each time this happened I was admitted to hospital and put on I.V. drugs for at least 7 days before any improvement could be seen.

I have not been in hospital with Cellulitis since I started having acupuncture.

Due to the fact that I am now free of I.V. antibiotics for the past 10 months I feel a lot stronger and have much more energy too. Recent visits to my specialist at Tallaght hospital have also revealed that my kidneys are a lot healthier than they were as is my liver. I am now walking again (previously this was out of the question for months at a time due to the cellulites and an easily damaged toe) and both my lower legs no longer swell – they have also lost their “fibrous” and dry look and feel.

Far from being invasive, I have found and continue to find the regular acupuncture sessions very relaxing and particularly helpful for my condition. Up until I started acupuncture I had more or less accepted that the symptoms I suffered from were part and parcel of being a long term Type 1 Diabetic.

My quality of life has improved drastically as a result and I am now extremely positive about my health and the fact that so much more is possible in my life”. - Aileen

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